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TS Grewal Solutions is one of the most popular and widely used study-guides for students preparing for the CBSE Class 11 and 12 Accountancy examination. The guide provides concise and to-the-point solutions to all the questions given in the textbook.

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Hey there, future accountants and financial wizards! Are you grappling with complex concepts in your Accountancy textbook? Don’t worry, because we’ve got your back! On this website, we’re going to introduce you to your new best friend – TS Grewal Solutions for Class 11 and 12 Accountancy. Get ready to unlock the secrets of the accounting world and breeze through your exams with confidence!

Accountancy is one of the most popular and sought-after subjects among Commerce students. It is the study of financial transactions and is used by businesses and organizations to make sound financial decisions. The subject deals with the recording, classification, and summarization of financial transactions. TS Grewal Solutions is a comprehensive resource that covers all aspects of the subject. The solutions are designed to help students master the concepts and apply them in real-world scenarios.

TS Grewal Solutions are widely used by students and teachers alike. They are known for their clarity and comprehensiveness. The solutions are regularly updated to keep pace with the latest developments in the field of accountancy. These Solutions are also an invaluable resource for students preparing for competitive exams such as the CA, CPA, and CMA.

TS Grewal Class 12 Solutions

TS Grewal Solutions is the best way to get your hands on the best solutions for your class 12 board exams. The solutions are divided into chapters, so you can easily find the topics you need to focus on. Each chapter has been explained in detail, so you can understand the concepts easily. The solutions are also well-organized, so you can find the information you need quickly. Overall, TS Grewal Class 12 Solutions is the best way to get the best solutions for your class 12 board exams.

Volume 1

1Company Accounts Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organisations
2Accounting for Partnership Firms- Fundamentals
3Goodwill- Nature and Valuation
4Change in Profit – Sharing Ratio Among the Existing Partners
5Admission of a Partner
6Retirement-Death of a Partner
7Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Volume 2

8Accounting for Share Capital
9Issue of Debentures
10Redemption of Debentures

Volume 3

1Financial Statement of a Company
2Financial Statement Analysis
3Tools of Financial Statement Analysis
4Accounting Ratios
5Cash Flow Statement

TS Grewal Class 11 Solutions

The TS Grewal Class 11 Solutions is a valuable resource for students who are preparing for their Class 11 exams. It provides them with the necessary practice to solve the questions in the textbook, as well as helping them understand the concepts behind the solutions. Additionally, the solutions are also a great way for students to check their understanding of the textbook material. Overall, the TS Grewal Class 11 Solutions is an excellent resource for students who are preparing for their Class 11 exams.

1Basic Accounting Terms
2Accounting Equation
3Accounting Procedures Rules of Debit and Credit
4Origin of Transactions Source Documents and Preparation of Voucher
7Special Purpose Books Cash Book
8Special Purpose Books Other Books
9Bank Reconciliation Statement
10Trial Balance
12Accounting for Bills of Exchange
13Rectification of Errors
14Adjustments in Preparation of Financial Statements
15Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship
16Accounts from Incomplete Records Single Entry System

About TS Grewal

T.S. Grewal, or Tejpal Singh Grewal, is a well-known Indian author and educator in the field of accounting and finance. He has authored numerous books on accountancy for high school, college, and professional students. His books are popularly used as textbooks and reference materials in India and are well-regarded for their comprehensive content and easy-to-understand explanations. Some of his most notable books include “Double Entry Bookkeeping” and “Analysis of Financial Statements.” T.S. Grewal’s books are widely adopted by educational institutions across India and are often recommended for students studying commerce and finance.

T.S. Grewal’s contributions to the field of accounting and finance have been instrumental in shaping the education of numerous students in India. His books cover a range of accounting topics, from the basics of bookkeeping to advanced financial statement analysis. He has the unique ability to simplify complex accounting concepts and present them in a manner that is accessible and engaging for students at various levels of expertise.

Benefits of TS Grewal Solutions

Accountancy is a vast and dynamic subject that is constantly evolving. As a result, students need access to quality resources that can keep pace with the latest changes. TS Grewal Solutions is one such resource.

These solutions come-up with multiple advantages if you properly study with them. Here are some of the key benefits of using these Solutions –

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Our solutions leave no stone unturned. We cover all the topics in the textbook, ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of the subject.
  2. Clarity and Simplicity: We explain complex concepts in a friendly and interactive manner, just like a best friend would. No more struggling with convoluted explanations!
  3. Step-by-Step Guidance: Our solutions provide detailed step-by-step explanations, accompanied by examples, to help you grasp each concept with ease.
  4. Competitive Edge: With TS Grewal Solutions, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to outshine your peers. Stay ahead of the game and achieve the academic success you deserve.

TS Grewal Textbooks

TS Grewal’s textbooks are widely used by students of Class 11 and Class 12 for their accountancy studies. These textbooks are known for their clarity, detailed explanations, and numerous examples that make learning accountancy a breeze.

  • Class 11 Accountancy: This textbook covers the fundamentals of accountancy, providing a strong foundation for students to build upon in their higher studies.
  • Class 12 Accountancy: This textbook delves deeper into the subject, covering advanced topics and preparing students for their board exams and future careers.

How to Use TS Grewal Solutions Effectively

To make the most of our TS Grewal Solutions, follow these tips:

  • Balance self-study and guided solutions: While our solutions are designed to help you understand accountancy concepts, it’s essential to strike a balance between self-study and using our solutions. Attempt the exercises on your own first, and then refer to our solutions for guidance and clarification.
  • Practice and revise regularly: Accountancy is a subject that requires regular practice and revision. Make sure to allocate time for both to ensure that you’re well-prepared for your exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can TS Grewal Solutions help me?

TS Grewal Solutions offer numerous benefits. They simplify complex accountancy concepts, provide clarity and accuracy in problem-solving, and help students prepare for exams by offering comprehensive solutions. Additionally, these solutions serve as a valuable resource for self-assessment and continuous improvement.

Can TS Grewal Solutions be used for self-study?

Absolutely! TS Grewal Solutions are an excellent resource for self-study. They provide comprehensive explanations and solutions for all the exercises in the textbook, allowing students to practice and reinforce their understanding independently. These solutions enable students to study at their own pace and assess their progress.

Can I rely solely on TS Grewal Solutions for exam preparation?

While these Solutions are highly beneficial for exam preparation, it is recommended to supplement your studies with other resources such as textbooks, reference books, and previous years’ question papers. Using a combination of resources will give you a well-rounded understanding of the subject and help you tackle a variety of questions.


Accountancy is one of the most important and widely used branches of commerce. It is the language of business and is used to communicate the financial position of a business to its stakeholders. Accountancy is also used to make decisions about the allocation of resources and the pricing of products and services.

The study of accountancy is essential for students who wish to pursue a career in commerce or in any other field where an understanding of financial statements and financial reporting is required. Accountancy is also a useful tool for students who wish to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.

In such a scenario, TS Grewal Solutions plays a very critical role in your academic life. The solutions provided by TS Grewal are extremely helpful for students who wish to score well in their exams. These solutions are concise and cover all the topics in detail. The explanations provided are also very clear and easy to understand. Overall, TS Grewal solutions are an excellent resource for students preparing for their exams.